14k Rope Chain (pg 6-8)
    14k Herringbone & Bismark (pg 9)
    14k Pendant & Box Chain (pg 10-13)
    14k Snake & Cable (pg 14-15)
    14k Adjustable Chains (pg 16-18)
    14k Italian Magnetic Bracelets (pg 19)
    14k Anklets & Toe Rings (pg 20-23)
    14k Men's Basic Links (pg 24-28)  
    14k Unique Men's Links (pg 29-33)
    14k Medic & ID Bracelets (pg 34)
    14k Men's Rings (pg 35)
    14k Ladies Rings (pg 36-37)
    14k Wedding Bands (pg 38)
    14k Omega Slides (pg 39)
    14k Omega & Wire (pg 40-41)
    14k Cubetto & San Marco (pg 42)
    14k Hugs & Kisses (pg 43)
    14k Classic Contemporary (pg 44-49)
    14k Bizantine (pg 50)
    14k Woven (pg 51)
    14k Circles & Glitter (pg 52-56)
    14k Conversion Chains (pg 57)
    14k Genuine Stone (pg 58-59)
    14k Super Fancy (pg 60-63)
    14k Magnetic Bracelets (pg 64)
    14k Charm Bracelets (pg 65)
    14k Bangles (pg 66-69)
    14k Gold Earring (pg 70-97)
    14k Charms and Pendants (pg 98-124)
    14k Lockets (pg 125)
    14k Birthstone Kids (pg 126)
    14k Birthstone Shoes (pg 127)
    14k Engraveable Pendants  (pg 128)
    14k Children's Jewelry  (pg 129-132)
    14k Birthstone Earrings (pg 133)
    14k Cubic Zirconia Jewelry (pg 134)
    14k Semi-Precious Jewelry (pg135-138)
    14k Diamond & Gemstone (pg 139-146)

Gold Jewelry  - 10k  

    10k Diamond Cut Rope (pg 147)
    10k Pendant and Herringbone (pg148)
    10k Figaro (pg 149)
    10k Curb & Marine (pg 150)
    10k Italian Figaro & Curb (pg 151)
    10k Italian Marine (pg 152)
    10k Light Figaro & Curb (pg 153)
    10k Hoop Earrings (pg 154)
    10k Bracelets & Bangles (pg 155)
    10k Fancy & Omega (pg 156)
    10k Diamond & Gemstone (pg 157) 
    10k Diamond Jewelry (pg 158)
    10k Italian Adjustables (pg 159)


From basic 14k white and yellow gold hoops to fancy toggle and magnetic clasp bracelets, you are sure to find the perfect piece of jewelry for yourself or as a gift.  We have over 150 pages of 14k and 10k white, yellow and rose gold in earrings, necklaces, bracelets, bangles, children's jewelry, pendants and charms, rings and much more.

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